Callision provides a wide range of communication solutions for different stages of your business. From encouraging growth with its free business phone system for startups, to providing medium-sized businesses with sales and customer service telephony analytics for fine-tuning performance, to delivering best-in-class AI-powered enterprise call center tools Callision is scalable, reliable, and cutting-edge.

Why Callision?

We want to share our competitive advantages

Our team relies on Callision for our own telephony needs, and we know what matters the most. From live manager dashboards and actionable analytics to your favorite CRM integrations and multitasking - we are happy to share our success tools with your company.

Anything missing? Let us know- many of our tools were initially custom-built in collaboration with our clients.

We want to help you succeed, independent of your location

We are big believers in the cloud and see the importance of having the right tools to get things done available from anywhere, anytime. Forget about servers, software, and legacy desk phones - securely access Callision from any modern web browser and instantly make calls, send messages, access your data, and… get things done.

Because we like to travel... and so do you (and your employees).

We are committed to the things that matter

If you are a non-profit or a humanitarian organization - let us know! We provide our services at cost to those who are working on making this world a better place. After all, that is the reason why our company exists.

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