As opposed to typical analytics, when keyword reports are generated and manual tagging and classification is needed to spot whether your agents are following the scripts and refraining from using inappropriate words or statements, Callision Magic QA picks up the overall tone of the conversation, whether it deviates from the norms, and whether the customer was satisfied by the outcome of that interaction.

Step 1:

Enable call recording, transcription, and tone analysis in your Callision CCaaS.

Step 2:

Receive automated email notifications about upset customers, unprofessional employees, and interactions that require attention.

Step 3:

Increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Problematic conversations are tagged automatically and sent to your team for review. Meanwhile, Magic QA learns more about the specifics of your business and further narrows down the results that need to be reviewed based on trends and the way you interact with this AI.

QA Method Scoring All Calls Scoring Random Calls Magic QA
Accuracy High Low High
Time efficiency Low High High
Cost efficiency Low High High

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Bird’s Eye View

Monitor call activity and have the ability to shape it in real time. See the types of calls employees are on, monitor conference presence, keep track of queue calls on hold, and get abandoned call notifications. Yes, Callision is that cool!