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We work with carriers across the globe to become a complete solution for all your telephony needs. From minutes and phone numbers to actionable intelligence. Welcome to Callision.
Voice Menus
Greet your callers with text-to-speech-generated prompts or upload your own. Change announcements based on schedule and automatically adjust for emergencies. Use our drag-and-drop canvas to create IVR branches and seamlessly attach anything from queues and conference rooms to external numbers. Awesome.
Our clients range from your regular nine-to-fives to multinational companies and digital nomads. Callision's advanced scheduling and find-me options ensure that your calls won't go unanswered. After all, that's what you need a phone system for.
Our state-of-the art routing system can distribute calls like no other. From usual ring-all and round robin to skill-based routing and custom scenarios based on your CRM data - with Callision you'll have an unmatched ability to distribute your calls the way you see fit. Our Smart Route feature allows you to skip those already on calls, or those who missed calls because they are away from their desks.
Take control of your contact center by utilizing Callision's live QA tools. From real time call screening and barging to uni-directional whisper for employee training - have the tools necessary to solve problems even before they arise.
Whether you are dealing with compliance or want to leverage historic data, Callision has you covered. Easily configure your recording rules and seamlessly store audio in the integrated file system. Listen to recordings straight from your web browser by accessing call reports, share them with your colleagues, or download them to your local disk in one click. It was time for someone to finally get it right.
Turn our stunning charts and detailed call reports into your strategic advantage. Track every nuance of each call no matter how many times it has been transfered or who picked it up. Sift through piles of data with our one-touch filters, play back calls, and monitor associated expenses - all at a glance. And yes, you can export data to Excel.
Web Phone
Although we support the vast majority of hard and soft phones, we think you'll love our browser based web phone. Make and receive calls right from your Callision control panel and our Salesforce plugin. Welcome to the future.
When you are on a call and need help, there's nothing comparable to the convenience of messaging. Whether it's a colleague or a group of people - Callision Chat ensures that your immediate needs don't go unnoticed. And with its full-fledged Jabber support you can pick up the conversation on any of tens of thousands Jabber clients out there. Drop us a line, would you?
File Storage
Callision provides you with carte blanche access to any and all of the files you may encounter system-wide. Whether it's an IVR prompt, a voice recording, or a file shared with your department by one of the colleagues - the data is always at your fingertips and ready to be downloaded.
Callision Supports any VoIP phones, microphones, and headsets
You can use Callision with your existing VoIP Carrier
Carrier? Let us work for you.
Use Callision’s one-of-a-kind platform to provide your customers with a full-fledged telephony solution, instead of just selling traffic. Compete with the big boys with no entry costs.


Leverage our full-featured Salesforce integration to make calls directly from SF, and have contacts magically pull up on incoming calls. And yes, you can save phone interactions to your lead activity history automatically!

Bird's-Eye View

Monitor call activity and have the ability to shape it in real time. See the types of calls employees are on, monitor conference presence, keep track of queue calls on hold, and get abandoned call notifications. Yes, Callision is that cool!

Unmatched Flexibility

Intuitively configure voice menus, generate text-to-speech prompts, and route calls based on a schedule. Deploy temporary “Holiday” routes that get disabled on a timer and set up time zones for entities belonging to remote offices. We made configuration fun!

Stunning Reports

Our cutting-edge big data services mean faster and more sophisticated reports at your fingertips. Query millions of calls in seconds, aggregate by users, queues, and groups, live filter, and export that to Excel. Wow!

Actionable Intelligence

Now you can see every detail of a call in your reports. Call arrived to your number forwarded to an IVR with a Queue step, answered by Jim and transferred to Bob? Now you can actually see that instead of scrambling to understand what’s going on.


Are you a super-secret government organization that needs to store data locally? With Callision you can be in control of your telephony, and keep that Area 51 business under wraps.
  • Web (Browser) Phone
  • Internal Chat
  • Schedule-Based Call Routing
  • Real-time Call Monitoring
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail to email
  • File Storage: 5GB
  • Reports: Stored for One Week
  • Call Queues: One
  • IVR with Text-to-Speech: One
  • Conference Rooms: One
  • Number of users: Up to 5
  • Bring Your Own Carrier: Free
…or use Callision Voice (rates available here)
Callision Plus
  • Web (Browser) Phone
  • Internal Chat
  • Schedule-Based Call Routing
  • Real-time Call Monitoring
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail to email
  • File Storage: 20GB
  • Reports: Stored for One Month
  • Call Queues: Three
  • IVR with Text-to-Speech: Three
  • Conference Rooms: Three
  • Number of users: Unlimited
  • Bring Your Own Carrier:
    Free for Listed Carriers
Unlisted Carriers: up to 5000 minutes/month free, $0.005/minute after
  • Web (Browser) Phone
  • Internal Chat
  • Schedule-Based Call Routing
  • Real-time Call Monitoring
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail to email
  • Salesforce and Zendesk integrations
  • File Storage: 50GB
  • Reports: Stored for Six+ months
  • Call Queues: Unlimited
  • IVR with Text-to-Speech: Unlimited
  • Conference Rooms: Unlimited
  • Number of users: Unlimited
  • Bring Your Own Carrier:
    Free for Listed Carriers
Unlisted Carriers: up to 10000 minutes/month free, $0.003/minute after
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