18 Jun 2020

Remote Control

The New Reality

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, half of the workforce is now working from home1, up from only 15% in the months before the crisis. Many of these jobs will not be transitioning back to the office. Companies like Facebook2 and Shopify3 have already announced plans for permanent remote workers, and more than a third of American employees say they want to continue to work from home4 on a permanent basis. Working from home is here to stay5

Companies in all sectors have had to quickly adjust to this new reality and ensure communication and coordination between employees and with their customers.  This means prioritizing solutions that integrate tools like browser-based phones, internal chat and voicemail to email that fit the way teams are used to working and don’t require new equipment or infrastructure. 

Robust and varied communication channels allow teams to preserve work styles and processes that are integral to their success6. For instance, if an interaction between coworkers is best served with a quick conversation, don’t complicate it with a chain of emails when a direct call will do.  

Rapid Change and Big Opportunity

Even as some businesses scramble to adjust to the work-from-home paradigm shift, many industry segments are bullish on the tangible benefits remote work offers.  A major study by Stanford University found a massive boost in productivity among work-from-home employees7.  Attrition rates decreased by 50%, employees required fewer sick days, shorter breaks and felt less distracted and more engaged. 

The revenue potential looks encouraging as well. SoftBank Robotics, a company that provides automated vacuum cleaners to hotels, airports, and other large facilities, experienced increased sales while reducing overhead8. Sales representatives that had previously spent up to 80% of their time on the road demoing their product were now closing deals from their couch. 

While not everyone is selling cleaning equipment during a period when public hygiene is a top priority,   all sales teams have the opportunity to build strong connections with their clients and foster trust during turbulent times. To do so requires blending communication technologies such as live chat, chat bots, and integrated AI9 to build memorable customer experiences and maintain solid relationships. 

There’s No I.T. Department in Your Apartment

With employees working from kitchen tables and home offices beyond the physical reach of company I.T. support, it is essential that telephone and communication solutions are bulletproof, cross platform, and intuitive. Callision’s browser-based cloud contact center suite requires no special equipment, is simple to use, and works with any carrier. Callision-powered enterprise call centers are scalable, reliable and customizable – with features that have developed based on specific customer requests.  

Now that staying in touch is more important than ever, it is time to get more from your call center solution with Callision.