17 Nov 2018

Dynamic CallerID – Increase answer rates by up to 35% by dynamically setting your CallerID to the location of your contacts

Studies have shown that people are more likely to pick up calls from callers they perceive to be in their own region.

dynamic callerid

The first thing one does when their phone rings is check who is calling. Seeing a toll-free number on the screen certainly does not make one eager to answer, since all of us have come to expect those calls to come from amateur telemarketers trying to sell us things.

But now let’s suppose we’re on the other side of the barricades, realizing that we are wasting our expensive, qualified leads to a plain unwillingness of people to answer potential sales calls – what should we do?

Establishing a local presence is an expensive, time consuming, and, in most cases, unnecessary undertaking in our digitally driven world, and therefore can be ruled out.

With VoIP, it boils down to purchasing some local numbers, and changing those as we are about to call a local destination, but what if you are calling dozens or even hundreds of area codes? In this situation plain number acquisition and assignation becomes ineffective.

dynamic callerID

Enter Dynamic Caller ID – an effective way to automatically match your Caller ID to the region (area code, city, etc.) of the person you are trying to reach. With Dynamic CallerID, placing a call to a 646-number will set your CallerID to that same 646 prefix, thus boosting answer rates by up to 35%.

Dynamic CID will do wonders for your business, so sign up for a free account at and enable this great way to help your sales department achieve more today. Feel free to reach out using our round-the-clock support chat if you have any questions -we’d be happy to help you get started with Callision and Dynamic CallerID.