Dynamic CallerID – Increase answer rates by up to 35% by dynamically setting your CallerID to the location of your contacts

dynamic callerid

Studies have shown that people are more likely to pick up calls from callers they perceive to be in their own region.

dynamic callerid

The first thing one does when their phone rings is check who is calling. Seeing a toll-free number on the screen certainly does not make one eager to answer, since all of us have come to expect those calls to come from amateur telemarketers trying to sell us things.



But now let’s suppose we’re on the other side of the barricades, realizing that we are wasting our expensive, qualified leads to a plain unwillingness of people to answer potential sales calls – what should we do?


Establishing a local presence is an expensive, time consuming, and, in most cases, unnecessary undertaking in our digitally driven world, and therefore can be ruled out.


With VoIP, it boils down to purchasing some local numbers, and changing those as we are about to call a local destination, but what if you are calling dozens, or even hundreds of area codes? In this situation plain number acquisition and assignation becomes ineffective.

dynamic callerID

Enter Dynamic CallerID – an effective way to automatically match your CallerID to the region (area code, city, etc.) of the person you are trying to reach. With Dynamic CallerID, placing a call to a 646-number will set your CallerID to that same 646 prefix, thus boosting answer rates by up to 35%.

Dynamic CID will do wonders for your business, so sign up for a free account at https://callision.com/registration and enable this great way to help your sales department achieve more today. Feel free to reach out using our round-the-clock support chat if you have any questions -we’d be happy to help you get started with Callision and Dynamic CallerID.

Callision Inc. Partners With DIDx to Make Global A-La-Carte Business Telephony Possible

NEW YORK, July 11, 2017 — Today, Callision Inc. (https://callision.com), the first carrier-independent business phone system, and DIDx (https://www.didx.net), the first wholesale virtual direct inward dialing phone numbers marketplace, have announced their global partnership and a native software integration.


The partnership between the companies builds on decades of industry expertise and delivers a unique value proposition for businesses of all verticals. First, it enables companies to be as global (and as local) as they need, thanks to DIDx’s worldwide network of phone numbers in over 90 countries. Secondly, it provides those companies with the actual enterprise-grade phone system without breaking the bank, courtesy of Callision’s “Free Plan for Startups” and the new, special “DIDx” plan for larger businesses.

The integration of services allows the users of Callision’s Business Phone System to add DIDx as the default source of phone numbers, thus adding the ability to purchase DIDs from all over the world in just a few clicks, and without ever leaving the Callision web interface. Not only is purchase of new numbers available, but also current DIDx.net users gain the ability to assign their existing DIDx phone numbers to Callision’s users, queues, conference rooms, and IVRs by just logging into their DIDx accounts right from Callision.

“In addition to the obvious flexibility benefits, using a service like DIDx means better (and less expensive) access to certain localization scenarios, such as Local CallerID, available from Callision,” said Joseph O’Donnell, the Head of Global Opportunities at Callision Inc. “A dramatic increase in answer rates, achieved by matching CallerID to the region (area code, city, etc.) of the person one is calling is one of the reasons to diversify area code geography. Callision and DIDx make a great suite to deliver those results.”

Callision, known for its popular cloud communications platform, makes setting up business telephony or even a sophisticated call center operation simple and solid. Taking advantage of the DIDx global DID phone number marketplace, Callision’s platform is expanding its reach, while providing the current 25,000 DIDx customers with a limited time incentive to improve or replace their current communications offering.

“Callision customers will no longer have to deal with a myriad of local phone number providers in order to have access to DIDs of any specific area for their clients and team members. No more waste of time, money and effort. Plus, with localized forwarding powered by Callision and DIDx, no need for an Internet connection to reliably receive calls. This is especially valuable in the rural areas of any nation or the overloaded networks of metropolitan areas. We discussed this during OpenSIPs Summit and ITW conferences in presentations recently,” noted Suzanne Bowen, the VP of DIDX.net.

Both sides welcomed the partnership by providing special offers to both new and existing customers – from DIDx to all current and potential Callision clients and from Callision to all current and potential DIDx members, thus enhancing each other’s ability to gain, grow, retain, and please customers.

About DIDX

DIDX is the first wholesale virtual direct inward dialing phone numbers marketplace that began in 2000 and finally welcomed the world of cloud communications providers to take advantage in 2005. DIDX’s local, mobile, voip, geographic and tollfree numbers of 90 countries are available on demand via its API and via business web dashboard. It has earned industry awards from the most respected names such as Total Telecom, Digium, Kamailio, Computer World, Pulver Media, VON, APICTA, PASHA, and Arabia500.

To get started and integrate DIDX DID phone numbers into your Callision-based communications business, visit www.didx.net.

About Callision Inc.

Callision Inc. is the company behind the popular, carrier-independent communications platform, “Callsion CCaaS”, as well as the provider of the first free cloud phone system for small businesses. Its portfolio includes a comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade software products that encompasses telephony, productivity and mobility, workforce management, and intelligence.

Claim your free company account today at https://callision.com.


To learn more about Callision and its offerings, please contact:

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Callision Inc. Launches the First Free Cloud Business Phone System and the First Carrier-Independent Enterprise-Grade Contact Center as a Service

New York, NY: Today, Callision Inc. (https://callision.com), the company behind the first fully browser-based contact center solution, announced the general availability of two new exciting product offerings to complement its purely enterprise-focused product portfolio – a free business phone system and a carrier-independent CCaaS.

The first launch is a free phone system for small businesses, Callision Core, which provides enterprise-grade unified communications and contact center technology free of charge for up to five users.

“From now on, smaller businesses no longer have to sign up for an array of expensive solutions just to operate their telephony on a professional level. Whether they need an interactive voice menu to greet their callers, a queue to distribute calls among team members, a conference bridge for meetings, or even comprehensive schedule-based forwarding to enhance coverage – with Callision, they get all of that for free – just pick or add a SIP carrier and start calling,” said Joseph O’Donnell, the Head of Global Opportunities at Callision. “As with any other flavor of Callision, businesses have access to real-time monitoring and interactive call and status dashboards that provide full organisational visibility – a must in the times when workforce optimisation is a requirement to stay competitive.”

The second launch went a step further, enabling businesses of all sizes to use Callision with their existing SIP providers – something that no other CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) has ever offered.

“Instead of trying to compete in the crowded SIP trunking space, we work with carriers and list them on our marketplace. Customers can pick preferred vendors or use their existing SIP providers for national and international calls and phone numbers, making migrations to Callision a breeze. At the same time, we are helping carriers get new customers,” stated Jay Jideliov, the founder and CEO of Callision. “Moreover, VOIP providers themselves can now bundle their offerings with Callision’s free business phone system, tethering their capabilities to the top-of-the-line contact center functionality, such as Intelligent Routing, Dynamic CallerID, Salesforce and Zendesk integrations, and our sleek, lightning-fast Big Data Analytics”.

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